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Whack The Folly -

Whack The Folly – Short Film

An offbeat lawyer must overcome his over-indulgent behavior in order to repay a shady businessman known as The Shark.

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The Confession Written By Derek Sulek

The Confession - Short Film

Serial killer Lila Harris has been caught by police, but getting her to reveal where she hid all the bodies won’t be easy. Detective Hartley interrogates Lila, determined to solve the crimes and bring closure to the families.

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Love Guns Lies - Short Film Production

Love Guns & Lies - Short Film

An ex-hitman plots to kill his girlfriend’s husband with the help of his former partner.

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Living It Up - TV Pilot

Living It Up takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of professionals in the modeling and acting industry.

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St. Peter's Cross - Short Film

A group of paranormal activity hunters must fight an ancient demon to save their friend!

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