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Whack The Folly -


Whack The Folly is a short film where an offbeat lawyer must overcome his over-indulgent behavior in order to repay a shady businessman known as The Shark.

Other titles include Love Guns & Lies and The Confession.

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Soundtrack For Democracy Podcast


Soundtrack For Democracy, the recently launched podcast from Nick Murphy and Marq Robinson features recent news stories and history paired with top 4o hits from the same time period.

Revisit the Apartment 20 Podcast for interviews with LA’s up and comers!

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LA Enthusiast Blog Logo


Press and media network currently include LA Enthusiast, a curated blog for all things LA, Go Grow Money, a resource that offers book recommendations, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial tips, and the Thrifty Rents blog, a resource for filmmakers in LA.

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Money Seeds Ebook Cover


The new ebook, Money Seeds: 7 Steps To Grow Your Money Tree, details several principles and guidelines to chart your path to success and self-sustaining finances.

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