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Produced Projects

Whack The Folly (Short Film)
The Confession (Short Film)
Living It Up (TV Pilot)
St. Peter’s Cross (Short Film)
Whack The Folly: The Rocket Train (Digital Short)
Whack The Folly: The 69 (Digital Short)
Love Guns & Lies (Short Film)
Driven (Short Film)
Smithereens “All We Do” (Music Video)
Noods “Trillwaukee” (Music Video)

2nd Assistant Director

Incite “No Remorse” (Music Video)
The Repairman (Short Film)
Get Close (Feature Film)
AKA Amber (Short Film)
St. Peter’sCross(Short Film)
Saved By Grace (Book Trailer)
Jay Levanne “Bad Mutha” (Music Video)
JG ft. Joaquin Evans “Drowning” ( Music Video)
Work Witch (Music Video BTS)
Cocktails On The Couch (TV Pilot)

Production Assistant

Master Chef Season 7 Challenge (TV Series)
NexGuard (Commercial)
Babyganics (Commercial)
People Watchers (TV Pilot)
UNIQLO (Commercial)
California Democratic Convention (Event)
Medtronic (Commercial)
Tissot “Great Call” (Commercial)
88 (Short Film)
Somewhere Between Darkness And Dawn (Short Film)
Space Quest (Short Film)
Little Dead Rotting Hood (Feature Film)
Catching Kelce (TV Pilot)
Dad Is Dead (Short Film)
Inside Rising Star (Digital Series)
Reverse Mortgage (Commercial)
Hershey’s “Sweet Cinema Verite” (TV Upfront)
Warner Bros Interstitials (Promotional Content)
Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series)
PSA “Get The F Out Of Water” (Public Service Announcement)
Hershey’s “Sweet Cinema” (TV Upfront)
AT&T “Speak Hope Campaign” (Commercial)
Committed (Feature Film)

Stage Manager

Figo App ( Commercial)
Fortune “Watch Out” (Music Video)
Baby Ariel “Perf” (Music Video)
Jonathan David “Basic Needs” (Music Video)
Kevin Ray “Originals” “Yesterday” (Music Video)
Those Who Wear Masks (Short Film)
Stoner Gamer Championship (Event)
Posse (Pilot)
Asics Gel “Kanza” (Commercial)
Cozz “Demons_Distractions” (Music Video)
Hawley Pen “Three Strikes” (Music Video)
“Bloom” (Music Video)
2017 Soul Train Awards Soul Cyphers (Digital Content)
Chevy Camaro 2018 (Commercial)
A Night To Regret (Short Film)
In The Bathroom Series (Short Film)
Superfruit “DENY U” (Music Video)
Catina Mezereon “Stronger” (Music Video)
Julian Casablancas “The Voidz” (Teaser Trailer)
Billy Porter “Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” (Music Video)
Zoe & Chris Brown “Post & Delete” (Music Video)
Americas Got Talent (TV Show)
Leslie Grace (Music Video)
BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers (Digital Content)

Los Amigueros De La Sierra (Digital Content)
Bobi “Apartment” (Music Video)
American Eagle “Back To School” (Online Campaign)
Cisco MMA (Commercial)
Congo Cabaret (Short Film)
Nothing Man (Independent Film)
Good Charlotte “WAR” (Music Video)
Satellite Citi “Undead” (Music Video)
Dateline Syndication (TV Show)
Pushing Skills (Independent Film)
Omarion “Nudes” (Music Video)
MTV The Next Rap Battle Master (TV Pilot)
2 Swift “Cha Chucu Cha” (Music Video)
“Machine Gun” – Dir. Tim Woodward (Music Video)
The Haxans “Black Cat Bone” (Music Video)
The Catching “Do It All Again” (Music Video)
Alexander McLean – “Bat Shit Crazy” (Music Video)
Creative Recreation Campaign (Digital Content)
Sage the Gemini “Pilot” (Music Video)
The Fosters on ABC (TV Show)
We Are Boats (Independent Film)
Mike Angel “One Time” (Music Video)
Carrie Lane “Think About It” (Music Video)
Burning On Both Ends (Feature Film)
Krooked Treez “Dr. Kevorkian” (Music Video)

BoysSquad Verizon (Digital Content)
Chronicles Of Jessica Wu (Digital Content)
Light Up The Sky (Dance Reel)
American Crew Hair Care (Commercial)
IAMG “After Midnight” & “No Going” (Music Video)
“Touch” Dir. Desiree Abeyta (Music Video)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Show)
Gillette (Commercial)
“Super High” (Digital Content)
Skip Marley “Lions” (Music Video)
Shy’m ft. Kid Ink “Mayday” (Music Video)
KXM/ “Breakout”/” Noises In the Sky” (Music Video)
Tispr App (Commercial)
Tamar Davis “Sunday In A Park” (Music Video)
“Helen” – Dir. Denis Sobolev (Short Film)
Harley Davidson (Commercial)
Dizzy Bats “Until We Die” (Music Video)
Sashique “No Program” (Music Video)
NEW EDITION STORY (Digitial Content)
Sophie (Short Film)
Hanging Dead (Short Film)
Wizkid “Daddy Yo” (Music Video)
Engelbert Strauss Workwear Kids & Men (Photoshoot)
Lenovo (Commercial)
Little Caesars (Commercial)