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Living It Up

Up and coming models and their entourages fight for power, notoriety, and love as their careers hang in the balance.

Written & Directed By: Malcolm Roberson

Run Time: 43 Minutes

Synopsis: Bianca’s ex Chris returns causing Darrius to ego trip. Raquelle starts her position as a receptionist at J’s. Darrius gets a deal with Single Underwear. Jason brings in an outside source, Celine Perry to help plan Model Mayhem but she seems to have it out for Bianca.

Living It Up takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of professionals in the modeling and acting industry. Bianca Hicks is a manager at an emerging modeling agency; she is very strong and independent with a hidden passion for modeling. As Bianca has settled into her job as well as her budding relationship with growing model Darrius, there are quite a bunch of characters that she encounters. From her crazy, loud mouthed best friend Raquelle, who is a free spirit to say the least, the womanizing flirtatious John, and the conniving do whatever it takes to win Carla, all the way to her ex-boyfriend and professional actor Chris Jackson who won’t rest until he’s back with her. As her journey unfolds it is apparent that “Living It Up” comes at an extremely high price.

Living It Up - TV Pilot