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Marq Robinson LA Content Producer

Marq Robinson

Creative Entrepreneur


Be a lightning rod of positivity

Marq Robinson is a creative entrepreneur currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His skills in media production, marketing, and web development, combined with a sense of creativity and passion for bringing ideas to life fuel each project he produces.

This creative impulse developed at an early age through arts driven schools, where he picked up an interest in music, design, and writing. That interest initially translated into projects like mixtapes, short sketches, paintings and blogs.  After moving to LA for film school, Marq focused his skills more on media production by working freelance on-set and in-office in the entertainment industry for several years. Developing those organizational skills in tandem with web development and marketing techniques eventually led him to found Thrifty Rents, a daily costume rental startup.

In addition to the costume business, Marq also created the LA Enthusiast and Off Echo brands as creative outlets to serve the community. The LA Enthusiast blog provides a platform to local creators and marketers, while the streetwear brand Off Echo will be used to fund art and fashion partnerships.